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undergrid brown out undergrid brown out February 12, 2019
exfoliated by piranhas exfoliated by piranhas February 05, 2019
Got SLAM? February 04, 2015
mr. darwin's neighborhood mr. darwin's neighborhood November 27, 2018

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  • massive otter spill at the oil refinery

      Ted, are you still in the bath tub? You've been sitting alone in there for two hours. Oh, I'm not alone. I've got over a hundred live goldfish in here with me as well. I'm attempting to teach them our language. That's pointless. Fish don't have any vocal cords. I'm well aware of that, sweetheart. I was referring to the 'international language'.
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  • exfoliated by piranhas

      You sure are chipper today, Dan. What's the occasion? Why does one need a special occasion to bask in the warm sunshine and drink in the sweet, clean air of a glorious day? Well, since you put it that way, I guess you don't. Of course, I must admit...this new high-fiber diet has been keeping me bracingly regular. Ah. That explains why you're in my bathroom. I'm just borrowing a Q-tip. But you might keep the kids out of the tree house for a few days.
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  • sinus affliction double feature

      Think of it, K-REN3...over a hundred years ago my great grandfather, the legendary Milkman Dan, stood on this very spot and traded jibes with your great grandmother. Incredible, but true. Of course, back then your ancestor wasn't standing under an atomic disintegrator ray. Nor was yours. Later in the atomic nether-zone... How about that, K-REN3? Looks like we're going to be together for a very long time. I despise you with the single particle of my being, MMD3.
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  • trouser mite pleat infestation

      Are you just going to sit in that tub and sulk? Sorry...I can't hear you, dear. Stop it,'re being a baby. You can go ahead and spend the entire night in there if you want, because I'm not going to say it. Fine. I'll sleep here. Oh, all right. " me, Aquaman." By Neptune, a mermaid in trouble! No time to put on my aquapants.
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